Track and manage your expenses

Record, submit and get it approved on the fly using Workiy Expense.

Easy and track your expenses anywhere anytime

Scan your receiptsUpload to WorkiyAvoid maintaining paper receipts

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Way it works

Workiy Expense is very easy to use, scan it and upload to the expense record.

Stay on top of your expenses

Expenses grow as your company grows, track, categorize, monitor and stay on top of them.

Go paperless

Accouting always needs a proof of an actual transaction. Upload your bills, receipts and other documents to associated transactions.

Control Spending

Workiy helps to categorize your expenses and alert you about the overheads. Helps you to keep the cash outflow in check.

Workiy Expenses

Claim and manage expenses anytime, anywhere

Submit the receipts to Workiy and it always available in our cloud.

Best visibility

View all the most important details in real time so you always know where your expenses, payments and cash out flow stand.

Claim Expenses

As your company grows, expenses occured for customer increases in number and has to be monitored to avoid any loss. Workiy helps to reimburse the expenses from your customer.

Reports and Dashboard

Workiy helps you with dashboard view of your expense spending and gives a 360 degree view. Expense reports provides you the compleet insight of your liabilities.

Workiy Expenses
Workiy overview

"Workiy is my favourite accounting solution.Easy to use and provides informative analytics. I will recommend it !"

Daisy , Architect

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