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Manage your stock with Workiy's simple but efficient inventory management.

Learn about your stocks and best selling products

Track your itemSpeed up invoicingStock quantity and values

Workiy overview

Tracking inventory items

Track your inventory items if you want Workiy to count stock and account for the cost of goods sold.

Fast selling products or services

Get a real time update on your fast selling products.Loks out your profit and make a decision on your order and pricing.

Track stock quantity and values

Stock levels are available real time in workiy on any transactions.Workiy calculates values of the goods using average cost method.

Speed up your business

Workiy helps to locate the product availability and speeds up the ordering process.

Workiy Inventory

Fasten your orders

Speed up your estimating, ordering and invoicing process quickly.

Use inventory to reduce errors

Spend very less time on entering the information by setting up the inventory.Workiy inventory helps you to avoid any errors on your invoiving prcoess.

Attachment options

Attach photos and documents related to your inventory items. Also upload vendor contracts and other legal documents.

Fast and accurate Invoicing

Workiy automatically identifies the stock level on your invoices and will not allow to sell without stock.Items prices are automaically showed on your sale.

Workiy Inventory
Workiy overview

"Workiy is my favourite accounting solution.Easy to use and provides informative analytics. I will recommend it !"

Daisy , Architect

Unlimited stock transactions, online all time

Inventory Features

  • Mobile apps to review your stock value and quantity
  • Faster turnaround between quotes and invoice
  • Tracking inventory items
  • Speed up your selling
  • Track stock quantity and values
  • Average costing method for inventory items
  • Helps you prices the product based on the cost
  • Reduce errors in invoicing
  • Automated product rate setup
  • Landed cost calculation
  • Stock quantity alerts
  • Immediate integration with Accounts
  • Adjust your stock quantity levels
  • Open your stock anytime
  • Opening stock with bulk import option
  • Helps to create accurate estimates and invoices
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