Manage your bills and improve your cash flow

Organize, manage and pay your bills on time an understand the overview of your company payments.

Manage your bills with ease and pay vendors on time

Track your paymentsMonitor your liabilitiesPainless bill payment

Workiy overview

Payable solution to you keep you up-to-date

pay your bills on time and understand where your business is spending money with Workiy's payable software.

Bills due for payments

Reports gives you an overview of your bills and purchase orders. Avoid delayed payments and improve your relationship with the vendors. Understand and manage your cash flow with the insights.

Vendor management

Set up vendors, manage their payment, and control when you incur expenses.Improve your vendor confidence to speed your purchasing process.

Record and track bills

Easily record and track bills you've paid by cheque or direct multiple bills for the vondors at teh same time.

Workiy Purchasing

Manage your purchases and pay suppliers on time

Workiy automatically calculates and maintain your stock values and quantity

Calculate landed cost

Workiy helps you to calculate the landed cost based on the additional expenses incurred during your purchase.Landed cost will help your decision better pricing of your product.

Clone and repeat bills

Improve your payment efficiency and save time by cloning bills. Replicate your last bill from your vendor and review, add or append details as required.

Vendor Credits

On returning an item to your vendor, Workiy captures the transactiona nd automatically updates, the stock value , cost and accounts seamlessly.

Workiy Purchasing
Workiy overview

"Workiy is my favourite accounting solution.Easy to use and provides informative analytics. I will recommend it !"

Daisy , Architect

Unlimited payments, online all time

Bills and Payments Features

  • Mobile apps to review your bills and outstanding payments
  • Faster turnaround between PO and Payments
  • Tracking inventory items
  • Speed up your billing
  • Receive and store bills online
  • Average costing method for inventory items
  • Landed cost calculation for better pricing
  • Vendor management to improve relationship
  • Pay multiple bills
  • Record vendor credit returns
  • Stock quantity alerts
  • Automatic integration with Accounts
  • Clone and replicate bills
  • Cash, Cheque, bank payments can be tracked
  • Configurable purchasse taxes
  • Helps to create accurate bills and payments
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